Tuesday, June 17, 2008

D&D 4E

It's been a week since the new 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons came out, and a lot of interesting reviews have already been written:
While at first I was very skeptical about the new edition, having read the reviews and skimmed a colleague's copy of the Core Rules books did convince me to at least try it out. Some of the stuff really got me interested.

Even though I don't plan on buying the books, I'm definitely willing to play the game. Perhaps I will get me a copy in the future (when they have their first, or maybe even second, revision published), but I got myself too much 3.5 material at the moment to be wanting to switch editions. Furthermore, Paizo announced that they will keep their Pathfinder products 3.5 compatible. I will probaby buy that Pathfinder RPG book.

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