Friday, October 3, 2008

Go candy

It's kind of 'interesting' -- for lack of a better word -- to see how many people's very first reaction to a game of go is how the goishi (official japanese term for the playing stones) look like candy. In one form or another, more than 75% make that reference: "Oooh! Can I have a mint?", "Can you eat these?", or just put one between their teeth and pretend to bite it.

And it's not just in my environment, all my go-playing friends experience the same reactions and I'm sure other people get this as well.

It makes you wonder about human reaction to unknown or unfamiliar things. It seems to always be either humor to something non-threatening (example above), and anger to something possibly dangerous (e.g. spiders). This interests me, so I'm going to look for scientific studies on this.

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