Friday, March 27, 2009

Game on!

I have the best wife a gamemaster could wish for.

Due to serious time constraints, what with a family and a demanding job, I've been deprived of my games for the last half year or so. Last week, though, I read an article about playing solo campaigns, and it suddenly dawned on me. If I could get my wife, who had played in my group sessions before, to agree to a solo adventure, we might just squeeze in sessions during evenings between dinner and bedtime.

And she agreed. We decided that D&D Pathfinder would be the best system since she was somewhat familiar with 3.5, and the Pathfinder rules don't change much. During the last couple of days, she rolled up a character she wanted to play, while I decided which adventure to run. She chose to play something completely unlike her: a male dwarven barbarian; I decided to run the first Pathfinder adventure path, Rise of the Runelords, slightly modified to work for a single player, and with the Pathfinder Beta rules.

I'm very anxious to see how this will turn out; it will certainly have a couple of positive effects. I will be able to spend time on at least one hobby again; I can improve on my GM and narrative skills; she can improve on her rules knowledge; and I finally get to see hands-on how the Pathfinder adventures play.

Baby, you're the best!

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Freddy said...

Hi Wim,

Just dropping u a line FYI.
I'm part of a group from Hamme who are starting to play d&d 4.(ergo: n00bs) We're all around the same profile as yours described on this blog.(about same age, same interest, same marvelous kind of wife :)

Enfin... we're planning on gathering some XP in the world of d&d and I wanted to let u know there will be room for a few more people for the group in the near future. Should u and your wife show interest, U may aways contact me through msn: dabitterbal(at)