Friday, January 15, 2010

Roleplaying on the Wave

Almost everybody in my branch must have heard about Google Wave by now -- the new "communication and collaboration platform" developed by Google. Even though it's still in beta stage, many people already benefit from its uses. It hasn't replaced any of my trusted tools yet (MonkeyGTD as a ToDo-application, TiddlyWiki as an information designing tool, Evernote for collecting tidbits of information, and plain ol' OpenOffice for writing documents) but I have found a fun use for it.

My roleplaying group has started a small old-school-style Swords & Wizardry campaign on Google Wave using the whitebox ruleset. The story and actions progress in a play-by-post manner, and are completely improvised -- not only by the DM (which is me in this case) but also by the players. They have as much the right and responsibility to drive it forward as I have.

I must say it's a fun way to relax in the evening or during a lunch break, and it's a perfect opportunity to practice my ad-lib creativity.

If you're interested in following the story or maybe joining or starting one yourself, leave a comment on this post and I will invite you to the Wave.